40+ Jokes in Nepali, Nepali Jokes – Sikkim Humjayega Funny Jokes

20+ Jokes in Nepali, Nepali Jokes – Sikkim Humjayega Funny Jokes

Here are jokes in Nepali and many Funny Nepali jokes collection images. You will also find Sikkim Humjayega Funny Nepali Jokes. If you like the jokes here share it with your friends and family.

40+ Jokes in Nepali, Nepali Jokes – Sikkim Humjayega Funny Jokes

Devotee (Mahadev Sag): Lord, where is your trident?
Mahadev: Rajesh Hamal has taken it.
Devotee: Why?
Mahadev: He took it to eat chowmein.

Boy: I like you! I want to marry you!
Teacher: I don’t like children!
Child: Well, I will try not to have children.

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Son: Dad there is problem, brother won’t open the door.
Dad: He must be sleeping, yesterday was his honeymoon.
Son: Last night my brother asked for cold cream, I gave him fevicol by mistake.

Funny Nepali Jokes – Rajesh Hamal Dai Jokes – Funny Chutkila

Funny Nepali Jokes - Rajesh Dai Jokes

Khana Aaru Ko Ghar Ko Maan Parcha, Tara Disha Garna Afnu Ghar Ko Toilet Maan Parcha

Bikash Garnelai Goli, Sambhidhan Garne Lai Bholi, Jagir Garne Lai Khari, Estai cha Hamro Desh.

Japanese Radio Ho Bhanera Kinera Lyaye, Radio Kholeko ta Yo Radio Nepal Ho Po Vancha

Hijo Euta Ketilai Jiskayeko Chappal Fukalera Hanyo, Aaja Pani Euti Lai Jiskayeko Tesle ni Chappal Fukalera Hanyo.
Ek Jori Vai Halyo, Toilet ma Rakhna Kaam Lagne Bhayo.

Jaruri chaina mayama Harek Din Kura Hunuparcha Bhanera, Chupchap Luki Luki Ek Arkako Facebook Profile Herera Chitta Bujhaunu Pani Maya Nai Ho.

“Sunana Feri Ek Choti Maya Garnu Cha Timi Sanga, Tara Yo Choti Dhoka Ma Dinchu ni Hai?”

Bhanchan Mayako Batoko Harek Paila Pailama Chot Huncha, Ma chai Sochiraheko Chu, Tyo batoma Euta Medical Kholu, Ramro Chalcha Hola.

Malai Yo Desh Kati Garib Cha Bhanera Tetibela Tha Bho Jaba, Bike Pusna Rakheko Talo, Bike Batai Gayab Bhayo.

Dui Jana Married Shreemati haru afna Shreeman Bare Kura Gardai
First Wife – Mero Shreeman Ta Saharai Dayalu Cha, Kasai Ko Ma Khasi Katda Pani Runcha.
Second Wife – Mero Shreeman Ta Jhanai Dayalu Cha, Ghar ma Pyaaz Katna Pani Runcha.

Funny Nepali Jokes - Jokes in Nepali, Nepali Jokes - Sikkim Humjayega Funny Jokes

Unle Baby Bhane Dekhi Lito Khana Thaleko Chu Re, Aani Boka Bhani Bhane K Ghas Khanchau Ta?

Chari Uryo Aakash Chuna Lai, Sathi haru Australia Bhagyo Bhara Dhuni Lai. Mo Ta Base Afnu Desh Mai Bachelor Pass Garnu Lai

Maya Nagar Dhoka Pauchas Re. Janme Pachi Marincha Bhanera Aba Janmindai Na Janminu?

Rajesh Dai Jokes – Funny Nepali Jokes – Best Jokes in Nepali Comedy

Rajesh Dai Jokes - Funny Nepali Jokes - Best Jokes in Nepali Comedy

Euta Accident Ma, Bus Purai Damage Bhayeko Thiyo. Jaba Police Le Chanbin Garyo, Teta Bela Chalpayo Ki Bus Euta Cycle Sita Takkar Lageko Thiyecha Jo Rajesh Dai le Chalaunu Hudai Thiyo.

Rajesh Dai Jokes - Funny Nepali Jokes - Best Jokes in Nepali Comedy

Jaba Rajesh Dai Break Dance Garchan, Tyaha Bhukamp Aucha.

A woman talks to Khalasi after getting on the bus.
Woman: Children don’t have to pay, do they?
Khalasi: Only if they are below 12, otherwise they will be charged.
Woman: Well, I have only 9.

Funny Nepali Jokes - Jokes in Nepali, Nepali Jokes - Sikkim Humjayega Funny Jokes

The husband went to Jyotis to show his hand.
Jyotis said, “Today your wife will definitely gain money.”
In a crying voice, you are right because today I forgot my purse at home.

Two people had bet, one had only one eye,
First: Let’s bet that you see a lot or I see a lot.
Second: If that is the case, then I have won directly.
First: How?
Second: You see only one of my eyes. I see both of your eyes.

A beggar was walking on the road when he asked a student, “Give a rupee, dai.”
Student: I don’t even have a dry one. . . !!
Beggar: Come on, then let’s sit down and beg together.

Funny Nepali Jokes - Jokes in Nepali, Nepali Jokes - Sikkim Humjayega Funny Jokes

Son: Daddy, is the name of the uncle next door is darling?
Babu: No Babu, his name is Ramesh.
Son: But as soon as you go to the office, Mommy calls that uncle, darling.

Boy: Let’s go to a secluded place
Girl: You won’t do anything bad, will you?
Boy: Never
Girl: In that case, let’s not go.

Boy:- Ma sanga bihe garchau?
Girl:- Nai.
Boy:- Garana plz, ma timilai eclairs dinchu.
Girl:- Nai.Arkai sanga DairyMilk ma kura milisakya cha.

Shere with Wife –
Shere: – What should I call you?
If I call you flower, then it has thorns,
If I call you moon, there is a stain on it.
If I call you monkey, then it has brains.

Shere after Learning English

हेल्लो सर्,
When I come come
Pani paryo jham jham
Jharyo My Bag,
Book bhijyo Kasam,
Tesaile Today
I will Not Come …
Yours फाल्तु विद्यार्थी

Wife: Did you know that in India, a man exchanged his wife with a bicycle.
Shere: I would rather die but I would exchange my wife with no lesser than a motorcycle.

Sir: Why did you come to class late?
Girl: Sir, a guy was following me.
Sir: So why are you late?
Girl: Sir, the boy was walking very slowly, that’s why.

Shere Goes to buy Color TV .
Shere: Do you have color TV?
Shopkeeper: Yes.
Shere: Please Give me Red TV.

Jo Sathi, Afna Sathi Sathi le
Pithai Khako Dekhda
Afna Ghar Tira Bhagcha
Teslai Kayar, Darpok vani halnu mildaina..

Huna Sakcha uh khukuri lina bhageko po ho ki..

Nepali Jokes – 21 Collection of Funny Jokes in Nepali

Sir: what is your date of birth?
Student answered in a good way.
Student: 15th of July
Sir: which year?
Student: every year

Manche haru Photo Khichdai
Naramro Ayo vandai Photo Delete
Gardai Arko Khicheko Dekhda Sarai Hasutcha

Aeee Baba, Thopra nai testo cha ta
Photo Kasari Ramro Aucha ta..

Hijo Euta Keti ko Status Herera Jhandai Mare Mah ta

Celebrating Honeymoon with Bura & 58 others

Hait, mah ta sochda sochdai jhandai mare

Nepali jokes are very funny and frequently address issues pertaining to our society, people, and events. Occasionally, they are also used as satire for various opposing groups or occasions. Due to the failures they are experiencing, politicians have also been the target of several jokes recently. No matter what, jokes are primarily intended to amuse and uplift people’s spirits; they are never intended to offend. Millions of Nepalese have enjoyed laughing at Nepali jokes.

We are exposed to millions of humorous Nepali jokes from childhood to old age. They have been a part of our lives and, more importantly, they have served as mood stabilizers. The jokes lift our spirits after a long day of laborious work and make us laugh, which helps us get through a bad mood. Funny jokes are great. Instead of covering novel topics, they lend flavor to the everyday events and problems we face. This influences how we think, feel, and behave.

Additionally, funny nepali jokes have been utilized to raise social awareness. Jokes are employed as satire since it is not a good idea to call attention to someone else’s errors directly. These days, politicians utilize them more often to draw attention to their errors and all of the deplorable behaviors and actions they have been engaging in. They’re a terrific way to spend the time.

They are typically spoken while having fun, but they have also begun to be used as a genre for communication and talent shows. As time goes on, jokes are also altered and are now used in skits, making the situation more acceptable. Jokes are shared in cafes and have been a part of education to make lessons enjoyable.

Nepali jokes that are funny encompass a wide range of subjects and ideas. They occasionally name groups and events, but these are always mentioned purely for the sake of entertainment. If someone is harmed, it is only by coincidence because they weren’t intended to do so. Jokes are enjoyed by people of all ages and demographics. They amuse us much and make us laugh till our stomachs begin to ache and our mouths are fatigued, whether they are in Nepali or English.

They are far more informal than other types of writing and don’t necessarily need to adhere to any guidelines. However, witty jokes in Nepali do frequently involve slang. There are, nevertheless, some jokes that use polite language. Making us laugh and have a good time is what a good joke does. They greatly energize us by stimulating our bodies, which helps us overcome weariness. Jokes serve as remedies by introducing laughter and enhancing this health-enhancing emotion in humans. By listening to best nepali comedy jokes about daily life in Nepali, you can improve your health.

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