September 25, 2023

Nepali Jokes – 21 Collection of Best Funny Jokes in Nepali

Nepali Jokes – 21 Collection of Best Funny Jokes in Nepali

Here we have a list of nepali jokes and 21 collection of funny jokes in Nepali. With best funny jokes we have made a list of 10 funny jokes images.

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Nepali Jokes – 21 Collection of Funny Jokes in Nepali

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Translation :

One donkey tells another donkey its pain
First Ass: Dude my boss always beats me.
Second Ass: So run away! Why are you still there.
First donkey: I would have ran away but I’m seeing my future bright here.
Second Ass: Well, how’s that?
First donkey: The boss has a nice daughter and the daughter sometimes does something wrong, then boss says, “I’ll get you married to a donkey.” I’m just waiting for that moment to come true.

Translation :

4 nasty kids screaming
First baby: – Dude, if our dad ploughs the field, the earth will burst.
Second child: – Your father is nowhere near my father
If the my dad flies the plane, the sky will burst.
And the third child: – What is your father, if my father farts, then he will burst his underwear.

Translation :

Dad: Look, son! If you failed the test this time too, don’t call me dad! Got it.
The results were out the next day
Dad: Son! What happened to your result?
Son: O Dhan Bahadur Solta! Stop kidding around, you don’t know how much of a tension I’m in.

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Translation :

Husband: It has been very rewarding for me to marry you.
Wife: (cheering) Yes and how?
Husband: Because I’m getting punishment for my sin while I’m still alive.

Translation :

Boy: I’m 4 years old, right?
Girl: I’m 4 years old too!
Boy: So, why embarrassed to walk with me ?
Girl: (Shy): Where?
Boy: To take polio drop!

Translation :

Old pundit was sick with Diarrhea ..
At the time of taking the medicine
he asks the doctor ..
“What should I Pay attention to”
Perla Doctor Saw? “
Doctor: “Just don’t blow your conch shell hard.”

Translation :

The hole in the swinging mist
Seray was shocked to find out the hole there.
Couldn’t find a needle thread at home
And Seray made up his mind
Straighten the next hole of the hole and pipe was inserted in it.
The mosquito got out of here and out of the other.

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