Yabesh Thapa Biography, Age, Songs, Girlfriend


Yabesh Thapa Biography, Age, Songs, Girlfriend. Yabesh Thapa is a Nepali Artist born on August 31, 2002 in Kathmandu Nepal. His first debut song was Lakhau Hajarau through class X presentation known as his best song. Since his childhood he has been passionate in music field and from grade 7 he starting writing songs.

Through class X presentation Yabesh Thapa debuted his first song with Lakhau Hajarau. He said that he just wrote the lyrics with no story related to the song. After writing the lyrics for about one year, he decided to upload the lyrics in the Facebook. His post about the lyrics got huge response and a lot of likes and support after that he thought of writing the full lyrics. Then he released the song as he was signed under class X presentation. At first he had no expectation from the song Lakhau Hajarau but it actually showed up with immense response to the song and shocked him to see huge number of public actually liking his song.

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Yabesh Thapa Biography, Age, Songs, Girlfriend

Yabesh Thapa Biography, Age, Songs, Girlfriend

Yabesh Thapa told in an interview with DGS Media that the day before the recording of Lakhau Hajarau he caught cold and he recorded the song with runny nose. Everyone bursted out in laughter as his nose was blocked and it was recorded while he was recording the song. But after all the hurdles and difficult circumstances Lakhau Hajarau was recorded in a day.

After achieving a great success in Lakhau Hajarau, Stonenutter suggested Yabesh to work on Jhari. He was little skeptical about it but started working on Jhari. Jhari took him a little longer but that was also recorded in a day like Lakhau Hajarau. At first he was very skeptic about taking a huge step in composing the song but it was worth it. He also told that he loves this song the most as he is able to connect to it. He wrote the song when he was feeling low as Jhari was written with his true feelings and had never expected to turn it into a full length song.

Yabesh Thapa Biography, Age, Songs, Girlfriend

Yabesh Thapa with collaboration with VEK recently released a new song named Mayalu. He loves collaborating with other artists. This song is massive hit and is highly appraised by the public.

Unknown facts about Yabesh Thapa

It is recently known that Yabesh Thapa is a huge fan of Zeremy Zucker and he always wished to have voice of Jeremy Zucker and Chloe Moriondo. He is also introvert and shy person. He is a huge fan of Deadpool. His inspirations for music are Sajjan Raj Vaidya, VEK, Oasis Thapa. Yabesh also doesn’t like to take pictures.

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