September 27, 2023

Working from Home made Easy with BSNL New Broadband Plans


Are you working from home? BSNL has launched various broadband plans to make it easier for you to choose from. The plan features unlimited data and BSNL has also revised their broadband plans.

Working from Home made Easy with BSNL New Broadband Plans

Their latest plan offers 250GB data with the speed of 40 Mbps. The plan is launched for limited time and will be available in several places and can also be found with name “Fibro 3000GB Per Annum CS336 Plan”.

With a monthly cost of Rs 475 the plan costs Rs. 5,700 per year.

Another plan from BSNL is the Fibro 100GB, which offers 100GB data @ 20Mbps per month. Priced at Rs 499 per month, the speed will be reduced to 2Mbps once its 1000Gb quota ends.

In terms of prepaid plan, the company at Rs 599 offers free unlimited calls with national roaming in Delhi and Mumbai and 100 messages free to all networks.

Data plan is at 5GB per data and once exceeded speed reduces to 80 Kbps.

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