WHO warns before India begins vaccination


WHO warns before India begins vaccination. The world has become less stressful than before from corona infection. In many countries cases have come down and even vaccination has started. In India, vaccination is going to start from 16th January. All the preparation has been completed. With the help of different transportation vaccine has been delivered to various cities of India. Inspire of all this, the World Health Organization has said that, comparing to the first year of corona epidemic, the second year might be more difficult.

WHO warns before India begins vaccination

Michael Ryan, an executive director of WHO Health Emergency Program said that in the second year of corona virus it maybe more difficult on transmission in dynamics than in the first year. It might even cause some serious issues.

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According to John Hopkins, WHO has declared the outbreak of Covid-19 on March 11. More than 9.21 million people are infected with the virus in whole world. Of these people 19.7 lakh patients are in a fatal condition.

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