Wet Cough in Babies – Home Remedies For Kids


Wet Cough in Babies – Home Remedies For Kids. When your child is sick is not always necessary to rush him to the doctor. There are a few good remedies that are natural and can be done safely at home however you should discuss any remedies with your child’s pediatrician before you intend to use them for your child.

Wet Cough in Babies – Home Remedies For Kids


If your child is suffering from an earache, use a little warmed extra virgin olive oil. Place it on a teaspoon and pour it gently into the sore ear. Place a ball of cotton wool inside the ear to keep the oil from running out. Have your child lie still for a few minutes before sitting up.


Stomach aches are the most common of all aliments. Use a warm compress or a hot warm bottle on the abdominal area. Make sure the water inside is warm and not hot. Try giving your child some green tea or peppermint tea.


Very often a cough is accompanied by a sore throat. There are some very simple and effective remedies that help alleviate this aliment. Give your child one teaspoon of honey mixed with a pinch of white pepper, two or three times a day. Do this until the cough is alleviated. This mixture will allow the mucus to be coughed up. You can also give him a cup of orange juice that is mixed with two tablespoons of honey.


Sun burn and slight burns for touching something that is hot can be successfully treated with Aloe vera. A small portion of the Aloe vera leaf can be cut using a vegetable peeler. The flesh can be pull out and placed on the burn portion of the skin. Also rub the juice over the burn.


Make sure that your child does not drink any liquids an hour before bedtime. He goes to the toilet before going to bed. Give your child a glass of cranberry juice one hour before bedtime. Wormwood, bearberry, oak bark or pulstilla tea is also very effective.A solution of two tablespoons of walnuts and one teaspoon of raisins before bedtime is also another good remedy.


Warts can be treated by applying two drops of cypress to one teaspoon of lemon juice on to a cotton ball to the warts twice a day. For children older than seven years of age, use 10 drops of lemon, 5 drops of cypress and 1 dessert spoonful of cider vinegar. Store this solution in a small bottle and apply to the wart twice daily.

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