VTEN Songs, VTEN Biography, VTEN Girlfriend, Family and Height

VTEN Songs, Biography, VTEN Girlfriend, Family and Height

This article is about VTEN songs, VTEN Biography, VTEN girlfriend, family and his height. Samir Ghising known by his stage name VTEN is a Nepali rapper, hiphop artist who was born in Rautahar. Samir Ghising was born on May 5, 1996 to Kalil Babu Lama and Hema Lama, he was two sisters, Selin and Simron. He has given hits like Churot, Hami Yastai ta Honi Bro, Sim Sime Pani, Himmat, Cypher, Kathaa, Manche Khattam and much more.

VTEN Songs, VTEN Biography, VTEN Girlfriend, Family and Height

VTEN Concert in Kalimpong

What is VTEN height?

Height of VTEN is 5 feet 4 inches.

VTEN Early Life

VTEN was raised in Rajbiraj in Birgunj, Nepal.

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After completing his SLC, primary education, in Rautahar district, VTEN along with his uncle moved to Kathmandu in order to paint Thanka, which is a Tibetan painiting made on cotton.

In Kathmandu, Samir started to study in high school. He had failed in his first year already. On his second attempt too he failed, which led him to drop out of high school.

VTEN used to spend most of his times with friends and played basketball while the rest of his classmates used to be in class studying.

After dropping out of college, when his uncle came to know about it, he was kicked out of his uncle’s home.

VTEN Songs, Biography, VTEN Girlfriend, Family and Height

All his belongings were thrown in the streets by his uncle along with is sleeping mattress. VTEN recalls now that he felt so disrespected that time.

VTEN had exceptional skill in making Thangka and earned well doing it. He used to send money back from the money he earned from making Thangka to his parents.

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But on the 2015, on a devastating earthquake that hit Nepal, Samir had to fled home back to his village.

When he returned back to Kathmandu, his workplace had been shut down. In order to earn money, he started searching for other places where he could start designing Thangka again.

After searching for days, he finally found one but was not paid as much as he used to get from his last job. With the money he earned he could not eat three times a day. So, he had lots of debts in a restaurant where he used to eat everyday. As he could not pay the debt he ran away from that place.

After running away from work, he went back to his uncle and aunt and convinced them to take him in.

VTEN Songs and Rap Career

VTEN was interested in rap since his childhood. He became very much interested in rap after listening to Smack That by Eminem and Akon. When RawBarz started in Nepal, he became inspired to become a rapper.

He started meeting various other rappers of Nepal like Uniq Poet, Girish and ended up recording a rap video called “Psycho”. The video was shared on Facebook and Youtube and many people started hearing his song. VTEN recalls that a guy name ‘Last Kin’ had used a part of his video and shared which became viral.

After becoming viral e-Kantipur invited VTEN on their live radio show.

Samir Ghising, VTEN, started recording more songs and soon rose to fame and became an overnight star among Nepalese youngsters.

VTEN Girlfriend

VTEN has been dating a girl named Micky Rai since 2 years.

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