Viral News Today – New Zealand cancelled cricket series with Pakistan, Australia informed India about Defence deal

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New Zealand cancelled cricket series due to security reasons with Pakistan

New Zealand has cancelled the cricket series which was supposed to start today between New Zealand and Pakistan in Rawalpindi, Pakistan.
The New Zealand cricket team had reached Pakistan for the tour 6 days ago. The first match of this series was to supposed to start today at Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium at 2.30 pm. According to the schedule, the Pakistan team reached the ground on time and tight security arrangements were made inside the stadium. 

The New Zealand team did not come to play the match and it came to the know that New Zealand has withdrawn its cricket team due to security reasons.
New Zealand’s security agencies had received the news that there could be a suicide attack on Rawalpindi’s cricket ground in the first ODI because of which the decision of cancelling cricket series  was taken.

There was reports that during this time the Taliban has threatened to attack New Zealand during the cricket series.
Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan  called the Prime Minister of New Zealand and assured her that there would be no terrorist attack during this series, but New Zealand did not change its decision.

Australia informed India about defence deal between Australia, US and UK

As per the reports, Australia’s High Commissioner to India, Berry Offeral has said that Australia had informed India about this new agreement even before the formal announcement. This angered France and has accused Australia and the US of stabbing them in the back.

US military admits it killed 10 civilians and targeted wrong vehicle in Kabul Drone Airstrike

A United States military investigation into a deadly Kabul drone strike on a vehicle in August has found it killed 10 civilians and the driver and that the vehicle targeted was likely not a threat associated with ISIS-K, announced Gen. Frank McKenzie, the top general of US Central Command, at the Pentagon on Friday.

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Written by Raksha Giri

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