Viral News – Goat born with human face, SBI bank robbed at Mumbai

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Goat born with a human face in Assam

A goat belonging to farmer Shakar Das, 46, gave birth to several offspring in Gangapur village in the northeastern Indian state of Assam, but the second kid (pictured) bowled over locals when it emerged with a swollen, distorted face which resembled a human head. Shakar said the goat was born alive despite its considerable deformities, which left it with only two crippled legs and shriveled, under-developed hind quarters, but later died.

Caught on Camera – SBI Bank in Mumbai got robbed and one employee dead

A bank in Mumbai was robbed this evening and an employee was shot dead, police said. The shocking incident was captured on the surveillance cameras, and the footage is now being investigated.

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The man who was shot dead an employee of the State Bank of India’s Dahisar branch. They also said two robbers had targeted the bank and was successful in escaping after the robbery.


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