What To Do When You Are Feeling Down

There's nothing worse than to look at someone else's life and then comparing it with your life. There will always be someone who is living a better life than you and also there will be someone who will be living worse life than you.

What Are You Missing In Life

Take note when do you usually have these kind of feeling. Is it when you are with certain people or environment? You have to know when this feeling triggers before you can do anything to change it.

7 Things You Should Quit To Be Successful

As humans we are stuck with many things that makes it pretty hard to focus on the good things in life. We do things that isn't good for us, be where we shouldn't be and then push ourselves to the extreme.

How To Pass In Any Exam

The last thing you want to do is worry about the outcome of the exam before hand. Even if you don't have enough resources make do with what you have and study it thoroughly. 

How To Get What You Want

You want to buy a great mansion or a sports car. You shouldn't go all out get a loan and then buy it. Though buying a sports cars or a house should be your goal but don't make it a priority right away.