September 26, 2023

True friends? My life story: In search of true friends

True friends? My life story: In search of true friends

Who are true friends? Do you have true friends? If someone ask me these questions than I won’t be able to answer them. I really don’t know how true friends be like.

I met lot of friends in the journey of my life since childhood. Some were good to me and some were bad. Or lets say, for some friends I was able to meet their expectations and for some I disappointed them. When I was in class 10, I had one friend whose name was Sushmita(Sush). She was very dear to me. Everyone used to say that we were best friends. I too used to think the same way without trying to know how she feels. Year passed by and we passed out our class 10. We decided to join same school, but due to some reason she went to another school. After that we could hardly see each other and never got time to talk. This is how once so called “best friend” became stranger suddenly.

I joined SAS, Kurseong, an it was my first day. Though I was surrounded with full of classmates, but I felt lonely without her. After sometime sir entered the class and introduced himself to us. We were also asked to introduce ourselves one after another. Slowly, day, month passed by and I started enjoying the new company. I never thought I could forget her one day.

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True friends? My life story: In search of true friends

In the end of class XI two idiots came in my life calling themselves as my best friend. Those idiots were Sandika and Jeniya. I was little close with Jeniya. We loved each other’s company. Some were happy and some were jealous to see our friendship. Later, Sandika left us in the middle of class 12 and made new friends for herself. We were still happy for her. After that I and Jeniya used to spend time together almost whole day. We really had lots of fun in our school. One day I and Jeniya had misunderstanding and again she went away leaving me alone. She was very happy with her new friends. Later on, I participated in “Musical Concert” held in our school. There I met new friends and everyone was good to me. Even though I had lots of friends but I never found true friend.

I used to say Jeniya is my best friend and I was her best friend too. But it was a bitter lie. I was hurt and broken whenever I saw her with her new friends.But slowly I made it a habit. And someone said, “You never grow until and unless, you don’t lose your friends.” And I found it true. I’m still in touch with them. But still I won’t be able to answer, if someone ever ask me, “Who are your true friends?” In search of true friend until I die…

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