Swedish Youth Activists Greta Thunberg Exposed

Swedish Youth Activists Greta Thunberg Exposed

Greta Thunberg a Swedish Youth Activists has shown her support towards the farmers who has being protesting against the BJP leaders Central Government new agri laws. Greta Thunberg tweeted “We stand in solidarity with the #FarmersProtest in India.” She also shared a document regarding protest through Twitter which was later deleted, exposing her hidden motive to target India’s democracy over farmer protest.

The document Greta Thunberg shared clearly stated how and where the protest has to been done outside Indian Missions abroad, medias and government buildings, even the details of January 26th protests.

It has now been clear that it is an international conspiracy to organise massive violence and roots in India, hugely funded and planned camping. And it also shows that the camping may have been planned before 26th of January.


Swedish Youth Activists Greta Thunberg Exposed

After the tweets by Greta Thunberg and Rihanna, India’s Foreign Ministry said that “Temptation of sensationalist social media hastags and comments, and especially when resorted to by celebrities and others , is nether accurate nor responsible”. He also added, “We would like to emphasize that these protest must be seen in the context of India’s democratic ethos and polity, and the effort of the government and the concerned farmers groups to resolve the impasse”.

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