September 26, 2023

Some changes in the rules of driving license


Some changes in the rules of driving license. From now people who already have a Driving License do not have to go to the RTO Office again and again. According to new rules, one can apply online for learner license. All the formalities like paying fees and others can be done online sitting at home.

This is very important news for those who are planning or going to apply for a driving license. During this pandemic period due to Corona and digital India, most of the states have made some instructions of the Union Ministry of application has changed now.

The Central government has once again extended the validity of all vehicle related documents. All the documents which are about to get expired, now can be used till March 31, 2021.

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Some changes in the rules of driving license

Some changes in the rules of driving license
Some changes in the rules of driving license

In West Bengal, in order to drive two wheeler or a four wheeler vehicles, first you must have to get ‘Learner’s license’ and later on you’ll get ” Permanent Driving License ” within a six month.

If you want your permanent driving license earlier, you can even book your slot for test within a month of getting the learner’s license. There will be some procedure, to follow while renewing your license.

Eligibility for getting a Driving License.

  1. One should be atleast of l6 years old to ride fearless bike.
  2. For gears bike and four-wheelers the minimum age should be 18 years.
  3. You should have valid learner’s license (LL).
  4. You should be minimum of 20 years in order to get a commercial driving license.
  5. One should have knowledge about traffic rules and regulations.

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