September 27, 2023

Fear of ‘secret plot’ as Kim Jong un mysteriously disappears, again


Fear of ‘secret plot’ as Kim Jong un mysteriously disappears, again

There are fears that North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un could be plotting a sinister plan as he has been missing from the public eye for almost a month now. This could also be to test the newly elected President of the United States Joe Biden following his election win.

Experts have suggested Kim could be planning to launch missile tests before the presidential inauguration on January 20.

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Fear of ‘secret plot’ as Kim Jong un mysteriously disappears, again

Fear of 'secret plot' as Kim Jong un mysteriously disappears, again

North Korea has a history of undertaking missile tests, with the country launching short-range missiles earlier this year following Kim’s promise to possess a “new strategic weapon”.

Since Biden has been elected the new president, former State Department official and member of the Council on Foreign Relations, Evans Revere, told Time Pyongyang could be preparing to make its mark on the new administration.

“It is possible Pyongyang will conduct a nuclear or long-range missile test prior to the inauguration or shortly thereafter as a way of laying down a marker with the new president and increasing its negotiating leverage with Washington,” he said.

“The Biden team will be mindful of the failings of [President Donald Trump’s] approach, which has amounted to turning a blind eye to North Korea’s steady accumulation of nuclear weapons and testing of medium-range missiles.”

It would come after Kim aggravated Trump shortly after he officially took office in 2017, with the North Korean dictator bragging “the entire area of the US mainland is within our nuclear strike range.”

It marked the start of a fluctuating relationship between Trump and Kim, with the US president labelling the dictator “little rocket man” while North Korean state media dubbed Trump a “dotard”.

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