September 26, 2023

Prem Geet Star Pradeep Khadka Age, Height and Girlfriend

Prem Geet Star Pradeep Khadka Age, Height and Girlfriend

Pradeep Khadka is an award-winning Nepali actor, model and also a filmmaker from Kathmandu. Pradeep Khadka was born in March 10, 1992.

Though Pradeep started his career in 2011 he wasn’t known until 2015 for his role in Prem Geet. He was chosen for the role through an open audition.

Before coming into the Nepali Film Industry, Pradeep ran a non-government organization called Mission to Relief National Nepal (MIRENN) and was the vice-chairperson. He was a marketing student and has an MBA degree.

Pradeep Khadka was born to Tek Bahadur Khadka and Sharada Khadka on 10 March 1992 in Kusunti, Lalitpur, Kathmandu. He went to a private boarding school in Kathmandu and after his SLC joined Prasad Academy and completed his management education from there.

Khadka received his MBA from Lord Buddha Education Foundation in Kathmandu which is a Sikkim Manipal University, India affiliation.

He has his own production house called the Pradeep Media Pvt.Ltd.

Pradeep Khadka Height

Pradeep Khadka height is 5 feet 8 inch.

Khadka became an overnight popular actor for his role in Prem Geet and the film was a huge success in the Nepali Film Industry.

Since childhood Pradeep was very passionate about movies and moviemaking and started his own production house in 2011. His first film Escape became a super flop movie in the box office. Another movie Thulo Manchhe in 2013 from his production house was also a failure in the box office.

After seeing his dreams being crushed, he was planning to move to Australia for better opportunities. But, due to the earthquake in April of 2015 in Nepal his plans got postponed.

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When the Prem Geet team was looking for a fresh face for their movie, Pradeep was selected after he auditioned for the role. After the huge success of the movie a sequel was made which also became a blockbuster movie.

After his success in the acting career he cancelled his plans to move aboard.

In 2018, Lily Bily was also a success in the box office.

Pradeep Khadka Relationship

Pradeep Khadka was in a relationship with Pooja Sharma but now he is single. They don’t even talk to each other now.

Prem Geet 3

Prem Geet 3 is Pradeep Khadka next movie which is very much anticipated by the audience. The movie stars Pradeep Khadka, Kristina Gurung and Santosh Sen as villian. Santosh Sen is also the Producer and Director of the movie.

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