What To Do When You Are Feeling Down
What To Do When You Are Feeling Down

What To Do When You Are Feeling Down

What To Do When You Are Feeling Down

Time to time we all feel a little down, maybe we get depressed. Everyday maybe not be our best day, there are times when something unusual happens and we get sad about it. When we are down we don't feel like doing anything. We shift away from our goals. If this feeling is not taken care of it can hamper your life and will make things worse.
Here are some ideas you can use to life yourself up when you are feeling down.

1.Be nice to yourself
Life is difficult for everyone. No one is perfect, we all make mistakes, we all have our imperfections. It is all part of our experiences. It is important for you to be kind to yourself. 
Learn to treats yourself as your best friend. Be forgiving to yourself. You have to control that negative emotions in you and give yourself all the love and caring that it needs.

2.Do good to others
Helping others makes us happier and healthier. It helps us to connect with other people. It does not always have to be money. We can give our ideas or our time. 
Offer advice and support to those in need. Try to be polite and courteous whenever you are meeting with people.

3.Take a break
Go out, meet people or plan your holiday. If you are spending too much time at work, sitting at home watching TV or Facebook, you need to stop that. Take a break from it as it might have negative impact on your life, your emotional well-being and satisfaction in life.
Write a journal if you have to, read a book, call your friend, listen to music, take a bike ride, or put on your favourite music and dance to it.

4.Don't compare yourself with others
There's nothing worse than to look at someone else's life and then comparing it with your life. There will always be someone who is living a better life than you and also there will be someone who will be living worse life than you.
Comparing is always unfair. We always compare our worst with the best with others. Each one of us are unique and it can never be compared to anyone else. We all have different gifts and talents and we all have a purpose in this world. Don't waste your precious time comparing with others.

5.Surround yourself with inspiring people
Some people can have a negative impact in your life. They will drain all your energy and happiness out of your life.
Always surround yourself with good people who will inspire you to become a better person. Those who will motivate you to achieve your goals and will cheer on your success.
If you can't find one, read books that inspires you or watch movies that are inspiring.

6.Use affirmation
We all keep saying negative things to ourselves. Saying bad things to ourselves that will only put us down. But we all are wishing it could change.
Affirmations are simply positve statements that we tell our that helps to change us.
First of all identify all the negativity that you tell yourself throughout the day. Now create affirmations for each of them and use them everytime any negative thoughts come to your mind.

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