What Are You Missing In Life
What Are You Missing In Life

What Are You Missing In Life

What Are You Missing In Life

Do you feel like you would be happy if you just had something extra. Though you may have everything in your life, you still feel that something is missing.
Read along to determine to figure out what is it that you are missing in your life

1.Organize your thoughts
Take time to meditate so that you have more clarity in your life. Go to a peaceful place, leave all your stress behind and enjoy the moment.
Do not think that you are missing something in your life. Clear your mind and be grateful for what you have.

2.Dig into and try to identify your feeling
Keep a log of what you're feeling every day, take as much details as you could possibly could. Is it your relationship? Are you not satisfied with your life? Has your job been more of a bore lately?
Take note when do you usually have these kind of feeling. Is it when you are with certain people or environment? You have to know when this feeling triggers before you can do anything to change it.

3.Look at your life as a stranger
We are able to quickly notice what is missing in the lives of the people around us. You should see your life through the eyes of a stranger if you want to know what is it that you have been missing.
When you look at yourself as an outsider you will be able to see the changes in your life and how you have been behaving lately. This way you will be able to pin-point the missing thing in your life.

4.Start to makes changes in your life
Sometimes we are afraid to make changes in our life as we are accustomed to living our life that we don't want to go beyond our comfort zone.
If you aren't comfortable with changes right away, start breaking it into smaller goals and start accomplishing slowly but steadily.

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