Red alert sounded for Delhi Metro
Red alert sounded for Delhi Metro

Red alert sounded for Delhi Metro

The Delhi Metro network sounded a red alert on Wednesday for its entire network as tension spiralled between India and Pakistan.

“As advised by security agencies, a red alert has been imposed on the entire DMRC network from 6 pm onwards,” a senior DMRC official said. 

The Delhi Metro’s current operational span is 327 km with 236 stations, in Delhi and neighbouring cities. “After a red alert is sounded, all station controllers are required to inspect entire station premises for any suspicious items or activity, including in parking lots, and report to the control centre every two hours.”

The alert was sounded as tension mounted between India and Pakistan following the capture on an Indian Air Force pilot in the neighbouring country.

Earlier Wednesday, India asked Pakistan to ensure immediate release and safe return of the IAF pilot who was missing in action after he engaged with Pakistani jets that violated Indian airspace in the morning.

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