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Our Kurseong

Our Kurseong

Our Kurseong

Submitted by - Bhakta
Date - 18th May 2017

Kurseong is the pronunciation in English, Kharsang, is in local language. It means the land of white orchids. At present, Kurseong town is divided into 20 wards. It is a town situated in between Darjeeling and Siliguri town. It takes little more than an hour to reach Darjeeling and takes about the same time to come down to Siliguri from Kurseong. It is situated 1464 ft above sea level.
Kurseong is renowned in education, epecially in school level. Some of the best ICSE schools are St.Helens School, Gotheals Memorial School, St.Anthony's, St.Augustine's, Himali Boarding School, Cambridge School, Dowhill School, Victoria School etc. Some famous Madhyamik school are St.Alphonsus School, Pusparani Roy Memorial School, St.Joseph School, Ramakrishna School, Scott Mission School,etc. There is no CBSE affiliated school in Kurseong town. The one Sai Sundharam School is at Dilaram, which is 8 kms away from Kurseong town. Students from neighbouring states, such as, Bihar, Jharkhand, U.P, North-East and also from Kolkata city come for studies. Even students from neighbouring countries such as, Bangladesh, Thailand, Nepal, Bhutan, Hongkong come here.

For higher studies, there is Kurseong College, which was established in the year 1967. There are honors courses in 3 streams, Arts, Science, Commerce. There is a lone technical college, Darjeeling Polytechnic Institute. Students join this institute after their school final. The admission process is on merit basis. Once there was a Rangers College in St. Marys Hill but presently it is not functioning. There is a forest school at Dowhill which offers training to Bid Officers and other agricultural related practical training.
Some of the places worth to be seen in Kurseong are Deer Park, Forest Mueseum, Rock Garden, Grotto, Balasan River, Water Kingdom under construction at Dilaram Tea State just below Tung. Some gardens are Ambootia, Singell Tea State etc. At Forest Museum, there is a collection of different type of trees found in surrounding areas.  Balasun River is seen from Kurseong Town. It is nearly 10 kms from the town and it is connected with jeep-able roads where one can go on hiking too. On the way to Balasun River, one can see Rinchinton Hydel Project, situated on the bank of river, Khare.

Now-a-days, home-stays are open in village areas as well. These are found in Makaibari, Singell, etc. Tourist enjoy village life of hill people which is affordable. There are many hotels in Kurseong which provide comfortable facility to the visitors. Some of them are Cochrane Palace, Tourist Lodge, Amarjeet Hotel, Pradhan Guest House, Delhi Durbar, etc. Tourist can visit Busty areas also, such as, Sittong, Toryok, Mamring, where plently of home-stays are run by local people. From there, visitors can enjoy Mountain Range of Kanchenjunga. Tourist spot at Latpanchor is well managed as local people of this area have been doing business for a long time. One can have a beautiful scenery of Teesta River and Mountain Range. The best time for visiting this place are October & November or March & April of the year. All these areas are connected with jeep-able roads.
At Giddha Pahar, 1.5 kms from Kurseong Town there is a house where Subhash Chandra Bose was kept under house arrest by the British Government. People can visit this place throughout the year. On the way, there is Ram Temple which was built long time ago and there is Devi Mandir nearby. At Ambootia Tea State, there is Mahadev Mandir, locally very popular as people believe that their wishes will be fulfilled once visiting the temple. Local people used to tell the story about the establishment of the temple that once a woman was cleaning her cow-shed and found a stone rising at an awkward angle. With a view to smoothen the stone, she hit it with a spade. To her surprise, blood started to ooze out from the broken part of the stone. Thereafter, she started worshipping it as Mahadev and others too started following her. There is another Mandir at Ambootia, popularly known as Sirisi Boju Mandir. Boju had expired long time ago. People from all parts of the Darjeeling district, Sikkim, Bhutan, Nepal attend her Mandir. At St.Marys Hill, nealy 3 kms from Kurseong town, there is "Grotto" - Christian sacred place. It has become famous as people believe that their wishes get fulfilled after visiting the place. So not only Christians but also people from other religion too visit the place regularly.

Lastly, Kurseong is specially famous for her glorious sunset. Its sunset is so glamorous that people come here just to have a view. It really is very marvellous so every person must atleast witness this scene once in his lifetime. This type of scenic beauty, rarely is seen in hilly region.

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