Mobile Buying Guide
Mobile Buying Guide

Mobile Buying Guide

1. How much are you willing to cash out
The first thing that everyone should consider while buying a mobile phone is to see how much are we willing to shell out. Before you go on searching the internet about the best phones out there, you should first decide how much are you willing to pay and how much are you willing to extend your wallet. It is better to decide beforehand than to suffer when you can't get your latest drooling thing because you are short on cash. Also, it's better to settle on the latest mid range phone that you can afford than to purchase a old high end phone. The reason being that the older the mobile gets, the lesser you will be receiving security updates on your device. So you should always buy the latest handset that will stay longer without compromising on security. With this we come to our next thing that you should consider while buying a smartphone.

2. Security and Extra Features
As we'll have been doing online shopping now a days from our phones, the more details are we providing online. So it is neccessary that we choose the best device that fits our price range and with the lastest operating system installed, which would be hard to hack into.  Most smartphones these days are equipped with extra security features such as fingerprint sensor or even iris sensors. These features come in handy in the event when we have lost our smartphone. 
This adds as an extra layer of protection than the regular pattern lock. You can now easily get a fingerprint sensor smartphones at a cheap price of around Rs 5,000. It is important to consider these extra features as we are storing lots of personal information in our phones these days.

3. How durable is the phone
A build quality should not be confused with design and ergonomics. A mobile maybe badly designed but its build quality maybe better than the rest of the good looking mobile phones. 
Build quality can be described in terms of the fit and finish of the product, the quality of material used and whether the phone is dust proof, water proof and drop proof. If you are one of those with lousy hands, it's advisable that you go for a metal or a plastic built handset. A glass-based handset is sure to break if it slips out of your hand and hits the floor. And you know what else it's going to break? Your heart.

4. Network
A mobile phone is no good if it has a bad network coverage. You don't want your mobile phone to be the reason that you lose a good contract or your girlfriend. A mobile phone should have a great network coverage and see that it accepts the type of network band that you are going to use.

5. Camera
Don't let the number deceive you. For a camera to be better, several factors should be considered like its aperture, ISO levels, pixel size, autofocus, how well does it perform in low light conditions and many more. Just because a phones camera is of 16MP doesn't mean that its better than 12MP camera. Some 12MP camera might perform really well under low light condition and give you sharper images than a 16MP camera. It's important to go through the camera's specifications first. A 8MP or 12MP is enough for a mid-range smartphones.

6. Battery
Say you go out on a trip, you have worn your favourite dress, you plan to click as many photos as you could. You take your phone out and click about a dozen photos and all of a sudden your battery level shows 5%. You don't want to be in that kind of situation with your new mobile phone. When going through a phones specifications look for more than 12 hours of talk time in a 2G network. Your smart phone should have at least 3000 mAh battery.

7. Storage
A large chunk of your smartphone’s storage is taken away by the OS and the apps the device comes pre-installed with your smartphone. If you plan to download lots of games or shoot 4K video, opt for 32GB or more. Go for devices that has a microSD slot. Also make sure that the RAM of your device is atleast 2GB.

8. Display 
Most people like their smartphones to have a big display but be aware that the bigger the display the faster its going to drain the battery. Pay close attention to a smartphone's brightness, color quality and viewing angles. Go for phones with LED as they consume less power, are thinner than LCDs and have better heat dissipation that the LEDs.

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