How To Take Care Of Your Hair
How To Take Care Of Your Hair

How To Take Care Of Your Hair

1. Oil your hair before bath
Coconut oil is the best oil for massaging and oiling your hair.

2. Use shampoo that are of good quality
Cleaning your hair is important because if it is not cleaned properly you might get dandruff.

3. Condition your hair properly
Conditioning your hair makes your hair look silky, shiny and smooth. It also makes your stong. 

4. Apply aelovera to your hair

5. Do not colour your hair frequently
Colouring frequently damages your hair.There should be a gap of atleast six months before you recolour your hair.

6. Avoid using iron's, curlers, etc.
Try loving your hair as it is. Even a few cannot make do without iron's or curlers it is necessary that you apply a heat protecting serum before ironing. This ensures that your hair remain damage free.

7. Go for hair treatment frequently

8. Trim the tips of your frequently to avoid split-ends.

9. Use lemon for silky hair
Lemon also helps in removing dranduff from your hair. Apply lemon to the roots of your hair before bath. 

10. Egg
Egg helps to keep our hair smooth and silky. It also makes our hair strong and silky. Remember to apply the yolk once a week in your hair as it also helps growth.

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