How To Pass In Any Exam
How To Pass In Any Exam

How To Pass In Any Exam

How To Pass In Any Exam

Remember how we'll say to ourselves before the start of every semester,"This time I will makes notes of every subject and study them every day." That day never comes. 
Here are 7 tips on how you can discipline yourself and get through any exams you face...

1.Get rid of distractions
If you want to concentrate on your studies then you have get rid of your mobiles phones, TV, etc. 
If you want to check something on the internet write it down somewhere and look it up afterwards. Do not use the internet while studying as it will distract you from your studies.

2.Comfortable Environment
Choose the environment that you are comfortable studying. Study where you can get ample amount of light so that you do not have to strain your eyes. 
Also make sure that you are comfortable with the height of desk and the chair. Only after your room and most importantly if your desk is neat and tidy should you sit down to study. You cannot concentrate properly if things are lying all over the place.

3.Be prepared
Before you sit down to study, check and arrange all the notes and books that you want to cover. You don't want to waste precious time while you are study searching for a topic.

4.Do not panic
The last thing you want to do is worry about the outcome of the exam before hand. Even if you don't have enough resources make do with what you have and study it thoroughly. 
It might be the most important examination of your life but panicking will only make things worse for you and the stress will make you forget things faster.
Take a deep breath, relax and study as much as you can remember but do not stress yourself. 

5.Plan your revision
Make a list of all your subjects' exam and note down how much you have covered for each subject, then calculate how many days are there between now and the day of the exam.
Now put the subjects in an order and make plans for how many hours should you give for each subject. You should be give more priority to the subjects you are weak in.

6.Take breaks in between
You should take a break of atleast 10 minutes every 90 minutes. You can walk around the house or do a regular exercise. This will help you to concentrate more when you return to study.
Don't make you break last for more than half and hour. Taking longer breaks in between study will stop your flow. 

7.Eat proper meals
You should be eating healthily and exercising throughout your revision period. Drink a lot of water while studying as it will improve your performance.
Do not have junk food. A balanced diet and a good sleep will improve your mental alertness.

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