How To Make A Girlfriend
How To Make A Girlfriend

How To Make A Girlfriend

Life is better when you have someone to share it with. You need someone who won’t pass judgment and who will listen to you and is always there with whom you can lean on.
You won't get a girlfriend if you are using the same old tactics to woo a girl. Maybe it's because of the way you behave, the way you dress up, maybe because you are searching in the wrong place altogether and ain't for you. Whatever the reason maybe, you need to evolve and bring changes in yourself.
Here are steps for you to successfully make a girlfriend.

1.Don't be desperate instead make her notice you 
The first step to getting a girlfriend is to stop being desperate. Expect nothing in return from a girl the more you don't care about them the more they will come after you.
Stop wearing that baggy pants or the dirty t-shirts with creases all over. Girls are attracted to boys who spend time on themselves and who care about how they look. 
Wear clothes that fits you properly and chose the colour that best suits you. Do your hair properly and wear leather jackets, as leather jackets improves your overall look and gives you that edge against other boys.
Take care of your health and maintain a good hygiene. Make sure your nails are clean and groomed properly. 

2.Take action
Be confident of yourself and walk to her and talk up front. There's going to be only two things, either she will go with you, or she won't. But if you never approach her you may never know.
Stop assuming that she won't be interested in you. Be bold and walk up to her and tell her. It's always a good idea to talk to her and get to know more about her before you ask her out for a date.
Also pay attention to the way you speak and the pitch of your voice. Make sure that its not to high or plain annoying that makes you sound like a beggar.

3.Give compliment
Hold your contact and notice the first thing that made you attracted to her. It maybe her dimple, her smile or her dress, whatever it is give her a compliment.
Starting with a compliment is also a great way to approach a girl.

4.Listen to her
When you are talking to her, listen to her carefully. Nod your head to show her that you understand and ask questions so that she knows that you are interested in what she's saying.
Girls like guys who listen to them. Don't interrupt her while she's speaking as it will be rude to her.

5.Ask for her number
Keep the conversation going and before you part tell her that it was good talking to her and you would like to see her more. Make sure you ask for her number telling her you would like to meet her sometime. 

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