Home Remedies To Take Care Of Lips
Home Remedies To Take Care Of Lips

Home Remedies To Take Care Of Lips

Lips are the most important feature of your face that draws attention. But if your lips are dark, pigmented or chapped then it can spoil your entire look. Having a dark skin can be several reasons like smoking, extreme sun exposure, or if you are not taking care of your lips properly. 

Here are some amazing tips on how you can transform those dark lips into rosy pink lips and turn those chapped lips to smooth and kissable lips.

Dry skin doesn't look good and looks even bad when you apply on it. Scrubbing is important to remove those dead skin off your lips and turning those dull lips into smoother lips.
Make a scrub of olive oil and suger and massage the scrub over your lips. 

2.Rose Petals
Make a paste by crushing rose petals and mix it with some milk and almond oil. Apply the paste on your lips and keep it overnight. This helps to lighten the darkness of your lips. 

3.Turmeric Power Paste
Mix turmeric power with milk and massage it over the lips and keep it overnight. This helps to keep the lip moist.

Cut a slice of beetroot and rub it on your lips for 2-3 minutes. Leave it on for 5 minutes. This helps to remove the pigmentation from your lip. 

5.Olive Oil and Lemon
Applying olive oil softens the lips. You can also rub lemon juice over your lips to get that pink lips.

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