September 27, 2023

Popular Hindi Songs Singer Armaan Malik was replaced more than 12 times


Popular hindi songs singer Armaan Malik says that he was replaced more than 12 times in the last one year. Talking to India Today, the singer talked about his breakdown and Sonu Nigam’s music mafia.

Armaan Malik told that during this coronavirus pandemic he had a breakdown but is slowly adjusting.

Popular Hindi Songs Singer Armaan Malik was replaced more than 12 times

“Our industry got destroyed. There is a reason why Sonu pulled out an earlier tweet of mine. I was not happy as an artist back then. Today, if I tell you that I am just starting out, without Bollywood’s support, I wouldn’t be an Armaan Malik.”

“In his video, Sonu also mentioned that singers were being replaced. Now, I must reveil that I got replaced in more than 12 songs in the last year. I said that I don’t want to do recreations, I want to do original songs. And saw myself not being chosen for those songs and the recreated songs were happening, and I wasn’t getting a part. I told to myself that maybe this is the trend right now.”

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“But, right now, I can say that by doing this non-filmy, English music I feel liberated. I feel I can breathe right now. I am not thinking about Bollywood right now, I am just thinking of making good music.”

“After Sushant Singh Rajput’s death, I made a group with some of the singers, with whom I haven’t been in touch with. We all have been so busy on shows that we hadn’t bonded. It’s an important time to bond with people of your own industry. I want people to cross promote each other and help each other. This has to be a joint effort.”

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Armaan Malik went to Berklee College Of Music to study music. He had a passion to do English pop music. When he returned to India his father told him to focus in Bollywood music as it is what India is known for. He recalls his father telling him to be a big singer in India and then start making English music.

Malik used to listen to Bruno Mars a lot. It was when he put up a cover of Just The Way You Are on his YouTube channel, that Priyanka Chopra tweeted and he became an overnight sensation.

He says that,Michael Jackson is his greatest inspiration, though he started listening to him four years back.

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