North Bengal Man’s Voter ID carries Dog’s Photo, decides to sue EC

A resident from North Bengal, West Bengal was shocked after his voter ID card had a dog’s photo instead of his photo. After this he has decided to file a defamation suit against the Election Commission of India(ECI).

North Bengal Man’s Voter ID carries Dog’s Photo, decides to sue EC

Previously, Sunil Karmakar from North Bengal had sent his voter ID card for correction but when he received his voter ID instead of his own photo, he found himself staring at a hairy pooch.

“There were some errors in my voter ID card so I had applied for a correction. When the corrected card came, the information was correct, but my photo had been replaced,” the irate 64-year-old voter of Bewa II’s Ramnagar village in Bengal’s Murshidabad said.

Sunil feels that the error was intentional and was done to humiliate him in public.

“People who saw my card, mocked it publicly. I will drag the Election Commission of India (ECI) to court,” he said.

A government official who used to correct voter ID card errors said that the error was seen earlier but he had no idea how it remained uncorrected.

“We noticed the dog’s picture after the publication of the draft voters’ list. I rushed to Karmakar’s residence and brought back a picture of the man. But I am clueless as to how the card got printed with the dog’s photo anyway,” he said.

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The mistake may have occurred due to the large-scale panic across Bengal over a possible citizenship screening exercise. Over the past few months, more than 0.83 million people including 0.24 million new voters from 22 Assembly segments in Murshidabad district, scrambled to apply for fresh voter IDs and rectifications of errors in existing ones. The district administration had cancelled leave for all government employees to ensure an error free voters’ list.

Block Development Officer of Farakka, Rajarshi Chakraborty, said that the administration will investigate Karmakar’s charge of the error being intentional.

“He will be given a new voter ID card in April. Meanwhile, government employees involved in the process are being asked to show cause,” Chakraborty said.

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