September 27, 2023

No Christmas in Britain : New virus strain ‘out of control’


No Christmas in Britain : New virus strain ‘out of control’. On Sunday British health Secretary Matt Hancock said that the government has declared for a strict Christmas lockdown in London and South East England because a new strain of the corona virus was out of control.

Mr. Hancock ordered everyone to stay at their own place until the virus vaccine is fully rolled out. If they don’t follow the rules than the spreading of the new virus are going to affect almost a third of England’s population.

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No Christmas in Britain : New virus strain ‘out of control’

No Christmas in Britain : New virus strain 'out of control'

In order to control the fast spreading of the virus, household mixing and gathering for Christmas party has been restricted. As Christmas is the main event for British people, so government was facing problems for imposing an strict lock down just few days before Christmas. But after seeing the current situation, the rapid spreading of the new virus strain, Hancock was compelled to declare lockdown before Christmas. Even the new evidence says that new strain was responsible for increasing COVID-19 cases.

Across the country people were told to stay in their own places. The extra police force were send to railway station just to stop people from travelling out of London. Those who have emergency case or important work to be done, only those people were allowed to travel with safety measures.

Most of the European countries started banning flights coming from UK.

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