Nepali Story – Fate: The Story of Ashok and Asha

Nepali Story – Fate: The Story of Ashok and Asha

Nepali Story – Fate: The Story of Ashok and Asha. Ashok and his wife, Asha were standing on roadside when they were seen by Radha.

Disclaimer: The story you are about to read is fictitious. Names, characters, places and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

Nepali Story – Fate: The Story of Ashok and Asha

Ashok and his wife, Asha were standing on roadside when they were seen by Radha. Radha felt nervous as they had died a month back after they had drowned in the water reserviour near their village. When Radha moved closer they disappeared all of a sudden. She panicked and told her friends about the events. After their death, the villages were living in fear. They remained indoors after 7pm, it was really awful. Almost all the villagers was of the opinion that the souls of Asha and Ashok had not left the village.

The dogs used to bark the whole night and ran hither and thither. Elder villagers gathered and came to the conclusion to perform religious rituals for peace and to depart the dead souls of the two. After the rituals, panic-stricken villagers started living in peace. There was no signs of unusual things thereafter.

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Asha was born as a third child of the family. When she was born, her father got promotion in his service and her parents treated her as a lucky child. So their neighbours also thought she would have a great future. She was cute as well as intelligent. During her childhood, she stood first in the class. After she reached standard six, she could not maintain her meritorious position in the class though she stood within 10th. At last the school final results published in the year 2012. She scored 80%. She joined her +2 in Science stream as her aim was to become an staff-nurse or an airhostess. 

She was studying very hard to achieve her goal. Suddenly a twist came in the life of Asha. On the occasion of Valentine’s Day, she was given treat by her friend Ashok who was of a low-caste. She did not love him as she used to treat him as a friend. The Valentine’s Day celebration had brought misery in her life. Her parents came about it and asked her to drop her school. Asha did her level best to convince her parents that it wrong to think her love affairs with Ashok. But her parents turned a deaf ear towards her arguments. She became upset and couldn’t analyize the situation.

She started becoming rude towards her parents, her elder sister and her brother. She lost her rational thinking. With the view to take revenge on her family members, she increased her intimacy with Ashok. Seeing her activities, her parents made her leave the house. Ultimately, seeing no other options she eloped with Ashok. When her parents heard about the news, the very next day they performed her death ceremony and sent message to Ashok’s family that from that day onwards, Asha was dead for them.

Hearing about that news, Asha felt very lonely after her marriage. She was really hurt, seeing the actions of her parents. Besides she came to know the poverty ridden condition of Ashok’s family, of which she was unaware of before. Thereafter, she found no way out to get rid of the pathetic condition.

It was on the festive season of Dussehra, all the family members in the village were getting together to have fun as well as to receive blessing from elders and head of the family by putting “tika” on their forehead. Asha got up late from her bed as she had nowhere to go. Ashok and his father were very busy decorating their, suddenly, Raju, their neighbour, came running and told Ashok that her wife was running towards the reserviour. In no time, he dashed out of his house. He finally caught hold of his wife and brought her home as he loved her more than himself.

Thinking it won’t happen again, Ashok remained busy with the house-hold work as his sister and brother-in-law were visiting their house. After an hour, he came to know that his beloved wife was running towards the same reservior. He ran after her but she was yards ahead of him and failed to catch her. With view to save her, he too jumped towards the reservior but both got drowned in the reservior. The festival of the year 2012 became horrible to all the villagers. There were no rejoice in the village, instead, all that could seen in their faces were sadness.

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