Nepali Love Story – I too had a crush

Nepali Love Story – I too had a crush

Read Nepali Love Story – I too had a crush.

Well, everyone have crush on someone or the other in their lifetime. with teacher, friends, actors or with anyone. And you know its keep changing. Similarly, I too had a crush on someone. Very seriously one. Like there is a saying, crush is “awkat kha bahar ka pyaar’. Same was in my case.

I was from a middle class family and he was from rich family. I knew nothing was going to happen between us, but still I fell for him. I had a crush on him for almost four years. But it was a long distance crush. We have never met each other personally. He was from another place which was too far from my hometown. I liked him so much. One day I decided to text him on messenger and I sent “Hi”. I was worried and even thought he would never reply me back. After few seconds my phone beeped and when I checked it was a text from him. I could not believe and checked it several times. I was so happy to receive a text from him but I was not being able to express. So we started exchanging messages. We became good friends. We even started sharing everything with each other. He even used to text me while attending his lectures. I was falling for him even more.

One day I told him that I’m in love with one boy but haven’t told him. Then he suggested me to confess my love to the boy whom I’m in love with. But how could I say him that boy was him. I love for him was growing day by day so I finally made up my mind to tell everything. I sent him a text where I confessed my love for him. He denied saying that his parents will never accept me as we were from different caste.

Nepali Love Story – I too had a crush


I was hurt and had so many thoughts inside my mind. I felt so bad. He still talk with me like before. This time he knew that I loved him truly, madly and deeply. Year passed away but nothing changed. neither my love for nor his reply. I still had a huge crush on me. Seeing my condition my friends used to say to forget him and move on. I too even thought of doing so but it was too late to move on. He had captured my heart, mind everything. I didn’t think anyone except him. Now, when I think of those days I feel happy and sad too.

Even though I used to get hurt but I never stopped talking him nor I gave up on him. Day by day I was falling more deeper for him. I felt that he too liked me a bit more than a friend and hoped that one day he will accept me.

It was the evening time I was using my mobile phone and suddenly I got a video call on messenger. It was a call from him. I was so nervous that I decline the call. He called me again and this time we got disconnected. I made my hair and got up quickly and third time I called him back. It was our first call. Earlier we only talked via text. He was with his cousins and I felt awkward and happy too because I was getting to see him for the first time. We talked for a while and I even took screenshots. That day was the best day of my life.

But this happiness was for short period of time. I was dishearten again. It was in the month of July. He went to watch movie with his friend. Whole day we couldn’t he was busy with his friend. At night he sent me a text and said sorry. I asked for what he was sorry. He said that while watching a movie they kissed each other. I was so hurt and became speechless. I was not getting what to do. I left my phone on the bed and went outside the room. I was numb for a while and suddenly I started crying. After a while I decided not to talk with him again.

Next day he sent me text saying sorry. I saw the text but didn’t reply him back. That whole day I didn’t talk with him. I ignored him for few days. But I Started felling something was missing in my life. So I talked with him again.

It was Diwali time, he had planned to visit his maternal house which is located at my place. I was happy as we were going to meet finally. I had even bring bangle(bala) from temple for him. In the coming day he said that he wasn’t coming as he had some work to complete . I was upset. During that time fair was held in our village. I used to go there regularly as I was the committee member. I even saw his mom over there and I felt bad as he was not with her. From few days he was not even coming online. It only happened whenever he used to visit his maternal house. So, I had felling that he might have come.

I and my cousin sister were playing games in fair, suddenly I saw him in a far distance and thought it was just my illusion. Slowly he came near and brought something from the next shop which was just next to me. I was shocked and gazed him for a while. He smiled at me and I smiled back but still I felt like a dream. I couldn’t realize he had leave the place already and I couldn’t meet him properly. I wanted to meet him but couldn’t. After few days I had to go for a interview and we were in the same cab. I got down from the cab after a while from where I had to get a cab to my destination. I never knew that was the last day to see each other.

He went back to his hometown and I was unknown about it and I couldn’t give him the gift. After few days he sent me a text saying, “Please be serious with your life”. I WILL NEVER FORGET THAT TEXT. I felt so worthless and bad after receiving that text. From that day I decided to forget him and move on. It was hard to forget him easily but I did, as I had to be serious with my life.

So, he too became the history of my life. Yeah I text him once in a year on his birthday just to wish him, I was happy to know that he is doing well in his life. It’s never too late to fall in love.

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