Mysterious SARS-like Virus Spreading Across China


Authorities says that mysterious SARS-like virus is spreading across China. It’s feared that major outbreak will take place as millions of people are traveling for the Lunar New Year.

Mysterious SARS-like Virus Spreading Across China

Mysterious SARS-like Virus Spreading Across China

In 2002-2003, around 650 people were killed due to Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) virus. The new coronavirus strain was discovered in Wuhan which has a total population of 11 million.

Wuhan area is a major transport hub during the Lunar New Year holiday. Millions of Chinese people travel around the country to visit family and friends for the Lunar New Year.

3 people have been dead till now and 135 new cases have been found in Wuhan. Also country like Thailand and Japan have reported of such cases.

Health authorities said that two people who had travelled to Wuhan was treated for pneumonia but are now in stable condition.

A 66 year old Shenzhen man in Guangdong on January 11 was treated after showing symptoms. The man who is in stable condition now had gone to visit his relatives in Wuhan.

In China, 201 people have been diagnosed with the virus.

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In Wuhan, 170 people are still being treated at the hospital, including nine in critical condition, the city health commission said. The new patients are between 25 and 89 years old and their symptoms included fever, coughing and chest pain.

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