September 26, 2023

Most stressful jobs teacher ? Read jobs that are stressful


Are Most stressful jobs teacher ?. Read jobs that are stressful here. If you think you have a stressful life, try one of these occupations. People who are in these positions experience a great deal of stress due to a variety of reasons. Each of these occupations has its own set of stressful factors. It takes an emotional and physical toll on the worker.

Are Most stressful jobs teacher ?


Firefighting is considered to be one of the most stressful jobs. It is generally on the top of the list because it has a number of stressful factors. These factors include working irregular shifts that are long and unusual, on-call requirements and a high risk of injury. They also risk smoke inhalation and sometimes potentially fatal injuries whenever they go out on call. A firefighters job is to save lives. This is both stressful and rewarding. They work constantly in anticipation of the next call which could be a difficult situation as it could be a major incident.

Taxi Driver

CareerCast listed Taxi Driving as the third most stressful job. This is surprising to alot of people but it is among the most stressful jobs. Taxi drivers work schedules are inconsistent as they tend to work long irregular hours. Taxi Drivers that work in large cities have to deal with high traffic volumes, constant threat of accidents, worrying about criminals as they often carry with them large amounts of money. They also have to deal with difficult passengers. All these factors make being a taxi driver a highly stressful job

Commercial Pilot

Although their work is not physically demanding, it is still highly stressful. The pilot is personally responsible for the aircraft, passengers and crew every everytime he takes off. He is expected to react appropriately to keep his passangers and crew safe in challenging situations.

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