Man allegedly pushes his pregnant wife off 1000-Ft cliff to her Death

A honeymoon in Butterfly Valley in Mugla Turkey ended with the murder of a 32-years-old pregnant women.
Aysal, 40 years old man in Turkey killed his pregnant wife and their unborn baby by throwing her off a cliff after taking a series of romantic selfies in June 2018. She fell 1000 feet to her death and was killed instantly.

Prosecutors claims that Aysal pushed his wife off the cliff just to claim a life insurance, where the only beneficiary was himself. Prosecutors also charge murder wasn’t an “accident “and was planned one because he wanted her money.

Man allegedly pushes his pregnant wife off 1000-Ft cliff to her Death

However the husband has denied all charges against him, he said “After clicking the photos, my wife put her phone back in her bag, when she asked her
phone I walked a few step back to get the phone from her bag, I heard her screaming behind me. When I turned back, she was not there. I did not pushed
my wife”.
Now years later, the photo of the 7 month heavily pregnant women before death has been emerged as a hot topic. The investigation is going, court has ruled that Aysal be remanded in custody for planning a murder of his wife and their unborn baby.


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Written by Sonali Mukhia

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