Mamta says: Bengal has never forgiven ‘Mir Jafars’.


CONTAI (East Midnapore): This Sunday, Bengal CM Mamta Banerjee said that she had been a “boro godha (fool)” to trust “Mir Jafars” in Trinamool who went on to join BJP, reinforcing its identity as a “party of traitors and robbers”.
Responding to PM Narendra Modi’s “TMC thieves” barb, Mamta said, TMC as chor (thief) and Narendra Modi, tomar gaddar-ra chor-er baba (the traitors with you are the father of all thieves). People never forgive traitors. Bengal has not forgiven the Mir Jafars”.

Mamta didn’t mention any of the Adhikaris by name, but made no secret of the fact that she felt betrayed. “ I had blind faith in them. I had given them my love and affection. In my affection, I couldn’t see the treachery beneath their mask,” she said. “The traitors have made a lot of money. They have made so much money that they have now fled to save it. Else, I would have thrown them out. We will probe the complaint about a Rs. 5000-crore scam in Contai Co-operative Bank”.
The CM said the worst part was that the turncoats had brazenly admitted to being in touch with BJP “since 2014”.

“I had to take permission to come to East Midnapore. They behaved as if it is their fief or a Centre-governed territory. I can come at will. Whatever development has taken place here in the past decade was done by me and my government, for which the traitors took undue credit,” she said.
Without naming BJP’s Nandigram candidate Suvendu Adhikari, the CM said, “I had appointed him as a minister and, therefore,the plaques have their names. They made a bagful of cash and now have gone to BJP. These Vibhishans are more dangerous”.
The CM reminded party workers at all her three rallies of the day – in Contai South, Contai North and NandaKumar in East Midnapore – to keep a month long vigil ballot boxes. “The Central and state police will do their job, but it is your responsibility to ensure people’s votes are guarded. If EVMs stop functioning do not return home, wait till voting resumes, she said.

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