September 26, 2023

Indian Couple Wedding cancelled as Groom’s father elopes with Bride’s mother


An Indian couple wedding who were set to get married have been left shattered. They were supposed to get married next month but in a turn of events, the bride’s mother and the groom’s father reportedly eloped together.

Indian Couple Wedding cancelled as Groom’s father elopes with Bride’s mother

Indian Couple Wedding cancelled as Groom's father elopes with Bride's mother

The couple from Gujarat, India, have decided to cancel their wedding after discovering that their parents have fled. Their marriage was set on February second week.

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It has been 10 days since they have been missing. The groom’s 48-year-old father was a textile businessman, and the bride’s mother is 46 years old. The news left both their families in shock. The couple had been preparing for their wedding since their engagement a year ago.

“They knew each other since they lived in the same society. Some of their close friends informed us after they eloped that they had a relationship in the past too,” said one of the relatives.

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It’s come to notice that the eloped pair studied in the same school and knew each other and were also neighbors in the Katargam area.

The father went missing in the Katargam region of Surat while the mother was seen her house in Navsari, Gujarat.

According to The Times of India, the families of both the parents have filed missing people reports with the police.

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