September 27, 2023

India’s first sports car – Manufacturer goes to jail


India’s first sports car – Manufacturer goes to jail. India’s first super car manufacturer Dilip Chhabria has started making India’s first real sports car, DC Avanti ready to make the high jump. However, this sports car has now become the reason for Dilip Chhabria to go to jail. DC Design Company founder Dilip Chhabria was arrested on December 28, 2020 by the Mumbai police for cheating loan providers and car buyers.

Chhabria is now suffering a major setback after a customer from DC Avanti from Tamil Nadu filed a complaint that his car was already registered in the name of a person from Haryana. Earlier, comedian Kapil Sharma had also filed a complaint against Dilip Chhabria with the Economic Offences Wings of Mumbai police for not delivering a vanity van even after making a full payment. In this way, Chhabria who has been representing the changes in the designs of vehicles in India since the early 1990s, now has to spend days in jail.

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India’s first sports car – Manufacturer goes to jail

India's first sports car - Manufacturer goes to jail

According to Joint Commissioner of police Milind Bharambe, the police also found that the same car has been taken several times. Police has also found that 90 of his vehicles were registered for two to three RTOs in different states and about 90 DC Avanti cars have been used for scam and fraud of about 100 crores has beed done till now.

It is worth paying attention that popularly known as the first Indian sports car owner DC Avanti was unveiled by Amitabh Bachchan at the year 2012 Auto Expo in New Delhi. From 2015, this car started hitting the Indian roads at very attractive price at only 42 lakh rupees. However only 120 units could be sold as this car could not do well on the performance parameters.

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