In the name of chips Poison was being prepared


In the name of chips Poison was being prepared. This incident took place in Madhya Pradesh against adulterated hooves. On Monday, during a campaign a huge fraud was revealed on Saver Road. Rotten throat potatoes were being used to make chips. About one and a half thousand quintals of rotten potatoes and chemicals was seized by Indore Police. The director of the factory, Sukhlal Kumawat escaped from the spot.

Collector Manish Singh gave instruction to the administrative team to conduct a rod on a factory at Avantika Nagar on Sanwer Road. The team was led by Additional Collector, Abhay Bedekar. The officers were shocked to see the conditions of the factory called Sanwariyan Food Products. There was a strange odor in the whole factory.

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In the name of chips Poison was being prepared

An order was of rotten potatoes which were being washed by chemical to prepare chips from it. Chips are prepared in many flavour. They have given other name of SRD chips. The chips are send in the market for sale after they are packed. While having an investigation in the team. found one and a half thousands quintals of rotten potatoes and cumin. During the police raid, Sukhlal Kumawat the operator of the factory got escaped.

The chemical that was being used to wash the rotten potatoes was poisoning people directly. Hydro powder was prepared by using them on it. In this way, people was fed poison directly by mixing food. People unknowingly became victims of the poison due to packaging and preservation of the products.

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