September 27, 2023

How to motivate your teenager – How to motivate a child who is unmotivated


This article talks about how to motivate your teenager, how to motivate a child who is unmotivated. Under-motivated Boys are often mistaken for having a disorder such as ADD/ADHD or a discipline problem. Parents and teachers can help these under-motivated boys to learn. Here are some tips on how to motivate your teenager:

How to motivate your teenager – How to motivate a child who is unmotivated

Under-motivated boys should be encouraged to sit in front of the class where they are not distracted and are able to hear clearly. Allow these boys to squeeze soft toys such a soft ball in their hands constantly so that they are able to keep their brains stimulated physically. Under-motivated male learners should also be allowed to move around physically while they are reading and writing. This can greatly help them to improve their performance.

Under-motivated boys cope better in smaller classrooms. This is because they are able to get enough one to one with their teacher. Smaller classes also increase learner participation in academic and extracurricular activities and decreases discipline issues. Lessons can be modified to include more hands on activities as opposed to verbal instruction only. Lessons can also include topics of interest especially for young boys. Include group work and debates. Lessons can be taken outside.

Physical exercise lessons are essential for under-motivated boys. They need a least two physical exercise lessons a week. Physical activity helps to stimulate the brain to work. Under-motivated boys are encouraged to compete in sports that they enjoy and find pleasure in. This will help him release his energies and build self esteem.

How to motivate your teenager – How to motivate a child who is unmotivated

Under-motivated boys need a mentor. A mentor can be a teacher, coach, parent or someone that the boy admires and would like help from. A mentor provides help, support and guidance with schoolwork, homework and life in general.

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