Homemade Hair Gel For Dry Hair To Get Silky and Shiny Hair

Homemade Hair Gel For Dry Hair To Get Silky and Shiny Hair

Homemade hair gel for dry hair to get silky and shiny hair. How about you take care of yourself in this lockdown period. As you may not get this time again and again, you might as well make the most of it and start taking care of your skin, hair and your body.

As shops have been closed for quite a while now and your favorite products may have finished, its time for you to try out some easy DIYs.

Homemade Hair Gel For Dry Hair To Get Silky and Shiny Hair

In this article we will teach you how to prepare hair gel by yourself. You can use this gel for you hair and get a smooth and glossy hair.

Things you will be needing:

Aloe vera gel

Rose water

Vitamin E capsule or almond oil

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Find a container, a spray bottle would be best. Now add four to five tablespoon of rose water and add one tablespoon of aloe vera gel into the bottle. You can get aloe vera gel from the plant itself or use one from the store.

After adding aloe vera gel, add one capsule of vitamin E. You can use a tablespoon of almond oil if you don’t have vitamin E.

Finally, add 2 tablespoon of water to the bottle.

That’s all. You have made yourself a hair treatment product for yourself at home.

You can use it instantly or you can even store this for 15 days maximum.

How to use:

You can apply this hair gel after you shampoo your hair. When applying make sure that your hair is a bit wet. This will get rid of your dry hair and gives your hair a natural shine. Do not apply this gel on the roots.

Advantages of using this gel:

We have used natural products here and usually the have no side effects. As we all know aloe vera is good for our skin as well as hair. Rose water too helps in hydrating the scalp and helps to fight dandruff with the vitamin E capsule giving you a healthy scalp. It also helps in hair growth and prevents from any hair damage.

Almond oil has omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin E that gives your hair the much-required nourishment. It also makes your hair silky and shiny.

We hope you like our DIY and hopefully you get rid of you hair problems.

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