September 27, 2023

Google To Take On Swiggy, Zomato – Announces Food Delivery Venture in India


After Amazon announced food delivery venture earlier this year, its Google who is investing into the food delivery system in India.

With millions of users using Android and Google services, Google already has millions of users in India. With the new food delivery service linked with Google search engine, Google will provide you with an option to order food as well.

Google To Take On Swiggy, Zomato – Announces Food Delivery Venture in India

Google has said that it already has begun testing the food delivery service in India from where users will be able to order food directly from Google search.

Users will also be able to make payment through Google Pay and various other methods while placing order.

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It is said that company backed by Google, Dunzo will be fulfilling the delivery of the order place. Dunzo is currently updaing its platform so that it will be able to integrate with Google Search.

Amazon too have started testing their food delivery system in India.

Currently, Zomato and Swiggy are dominating the Indian food delivery system. With many small companies shut down due to heavy losses, Uber Eats, Food Panda, etc have disintegrated or merged.

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