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Garden furniture or outdoor chairs and tables can complement any outdoor garden or patio setting where you have made flowers and or plant the focal point of the yard. Choosing the right set is crucial to making the backyard a haven for entertaining or simply relaxing after a long day at work or basking in the hot sun.

Garden furniture – Outdoor Chairs and Tables

There are several types and styles of garden furniture or outdoor chairs and tables to choose from for your backyard, depending on your budget restrictions, your preference in materials and how you would like to match the decor with the flowers and other items in your backyard. For example, if you have a fountain in your garden, you would probably want to go with garden furniture that was more light an airy rather than something heavy or bulky.

One of the most economical garden furniture is the wicker material. It is durable to a point and some of it is waterproof, you would have to check the label. If it is not waterproof, you would have to bring it in during rain storms. Wicker outdoor garden furniture can look very nice in a garden setting of flowers or a screened in porch were there are many hanging baskets of flowers and potted plants with vine type leaves. They come in benches, large wing-backed chairs, tables and even swings.

A very durable material is the metal or iron type that will stand up to all weather so there is no need to bring them in when the season is over or when it snows or rains. This metal garden furniture comes in mostly benches, chairs and tables. The tables can be small, like end tables or coffee tables or large like an umbrella table. And one thing about the metal material is that very intricate detail can be carved into them making them very ornate and beautiful. However, they are mostly black or gray in color.

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Garden furniture made of a metal piping, usually aluminum comes in a variety of colors such as garden green or cream and usually have the large umbrella table, regular size chairs, unlike the large wicker ones, and can also have a swing or slider with padding or an awning to protect against the sun. This style seems to be the most popular and can be matched with most flower and garden decor.

Hand carved wooden garden furniture is another style that is available in selected areas because it is usually hand made and specially ordered. Your local garden center would be able to tell you where you can get in touch with someone who carves handmade wooden garden furniture. Some wood workers prefer a certain type of wood over others but you can probably find what you are looking for if you shop around a little.

In addition to the hand carved wooden garden furniture, there are those that are environmentally friendly and use actual trees and branches to put together a unique looking set of garden furniture without the nails and glue. These are usually larger pieces and also need to be specially ordered

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