September 25, 2023

Funny Nepali – 11 Funny Comedy Best Nepali Jokes

Funny Nepali - 11 Funny Comedy Best Nepali Jokes

Here are Funny Nepali images that will make you laugh out loud. These are very Best Nepali Jokes. If you like them do share with your friends and family.

Funny Nepali – Funny Comedy Best Nepali Jokes

Ekdam Khatarnam Chat

Boy – Hi….

Girl – mero number kasle diyo?

Boy – Sulabh Sauchalay bata milyo…


Jokes in Nepali – Sikkim Humjayega

Ekdam Khatarnak Chat

Unknown Guy Sent Me Request on FB, I ignored

He texted : Accept garihal Kutta

Now He is my pyaro yaar

Me – I love U

She – Great, but I love other letters like V W X Y Z

Mom – Who is the hard-working student in your class?

Son – I am mom

Mom – How?

Son – All my friends sit on the bench and read but I always stand on it and read.

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