September 27, 2023

Fostering independence in preschoolers – Teach Kids To Be Independent


Fostering independence in preschoolers – Teach Your Kids To Be Independent. Learning how and when to let go is one of the hardest thing a parent will have to do. As your child grows into a teenager, he will crave independence. Here are some tips to help prepare your teen as he becomes more independent.

Fostering independence in preschoolers – Teach Your Kids To Be Independent

You will have to realize that independent is necessary for your child to develop into a well rounded individual. Loosen the ties slowly. If your child wants to go the the movies with a friend, let him provided there are laid down conditions. Encourage him to go with one or two other friends. They are more likely to stick together than to separate. Choose a place that is safe for them to visit like the local mall.

Chose a place that is close to home as well close to a bus or train stop. Make sure your child knows where to buy a ticket and where to get off. It helps to visit the mall a few times with him and make sure that he knows where the toilet, public telephones and the information office is situated just in case of an emergency. Give him a time limit for the outing but be reasonable.

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Although your child has been around at different places with you about million times before, he might not know his way once he is on his own. Before you let him out with friends, make sure he knows his way home properly. Going out to the movies and restaurants as a family will help your child become familiar with different places. Encourage him to order the food and pay the bill. This will help him to be more confident and better able to cope when he is out by himself.

Put together a wallet and include some money. Explain to your child that the money is irreplaceable and is only to be used in an emergency. Include a business card of a reputable taxi service for emergency. Always make sure that you know where your child is going, that he has enough money and that he carries his cell phone with a full battery. Inform your child where you will be while he is out and how to contact you. Make sure he knows the contact numbers of a friend or relative if you are unreachable.

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