September 26, 2023

Final Year Exams Cancelled; Students to get Average Marks based on Aggregate


Final year exams cancelled in Maharashtra, students to get average marks based on aggregate. Big relief for students as Government of Maharashtra has cancelled all final year University exams across the state. Instead students will be given average score based on the aggregate marks of previous semesters. Chief Minister of Maharashtra Uddhav Thackeray announced over live video on Sunday.

Also those students who are not satisfied with the average marks and wish to score higher can appear for an optional exam later after everything returns to normal, said the CM. They can do so in September, October or November depending upon the situation of the state.

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The decision came after several discussions with Vice-Chancellors of universities, higher education minister Uday Samant and education officials.

Thackeray stated, “Following suggestions from VCs, we have taken a decision to not conduct the last semester exams of final year programmes. The students will be given an average score of the aggregate marks of previous semesters by their universities and colleges.”

Further, the Chief Minister said, “Those students who are not satisfied with their average marks and feel they can score higher if exams are conducted, will be given an option to appear for exams later. These students can appear for exams probably in September, October or November, depending on the situation.”

The decision was unanimously taken to not conduct any exams in the state risking the lives of lakhs of students, instead find other ways to save the academic year of the students.

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