Favorite color personality test – Personality colors test

Here are favorite color personality test and personality colors test. Research into the psychological effects of color shows that color preferences is linked to a person’s personality traits and behavior. Here are some common color preferences and what is says about your personality traits.

Favorite color personality test – Personality colors test


People who wear red are generally outgoing and assertive. They also tend to be moody and do not hesitate to voice their opinions.


Those who like blue make loyal friends. They are conservative and lead simple, quiet lives. They dislike people who think they are smarter.


Those who like yellow are thoughtful and imaginative individuals who crave respect and admiration from others. They also make good friends.


People who like green are family oriented and are very aware of social customs. They make good teachers.


Those people who like orange are kind-hearted and good natured individuals. They sociable and are good workers with strong loyalties.


Those who like browns are dependable and can take care of money. They are also able to perform their duties conscientiously.


People who like grey make good mediators as they are always looking for a compromise. They enjoy peace and calm.


People who like black are polite and intelligent individuals although they are also prone to depression.


If purple is your color, you have a sharp mind and are very creative. You can also be vain and get angry quickly.

Hope you like the favorite color personality test and personality colors test.

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