September 26, 2023

Eye direction and lying – How to tell if someone is lying body language


How to tell if someone is lying body language ? Know buy looking at eye direction and lying. Are you tired of being lied to? Reading body language, the sound of someone’s voice and eye detection is a fairly easy way to detect if someone is lying. Here are a few methods you could master to recognize the signs and tell when someone is lying.

Eye direction and lying – How to tell if someone is lying body language

Body language is a sure give away when someone is lying. Observe if the person is acting nervous, seems to be uncomfortable, fidgety and avoids eye contact. Listen carefully to what the person tells you. Notice if there are inconsistencies in his story such as mixing up details or telling you a different story on different days.

If the person avoids answering any question or becomes defensive, it could mean that he/she is hiding something. In some cases he/she would even project their own deceitful behavior onto you by accusing you of lying rather than owing up to the lie.

Trust your intuition. Sometimes you will just have a gut feeling that someone is lying. If you at all unsure, you should consider gathering some evidence before accusing anyone. It is never wise to jump into conclusions.

Sometimes taking the direct approach and confronting the person who has lied to you could make him admit the truth. Some people feel guilty for lying and may find some relief to finally tell the truth.

Eye direction and lying – How to tell if someone is lying body language

Remember that not all lies are bad. Sometimes we tell lies to protect the one’s we love or care about. Try and understand the reasons for the lies before taking any drastic steps.

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Healthy Lifestyle Facts

Now read healthy lifestyle facts. Healthy living does not mean you have to cut out all the good things that life has to offer. Healthy living is about making good choices while still enjoying all of lives benefits.


Exercise can be a brisk walk every morning. Start with a short distance, maybe vist a neighbour or walk to the store to buy your bread and milk. Make it fun, take your toddler with you or maybe even the dog. This will help regulate your metabolism and increases vigor.

Be a smart eater

Eat three healthy meals a day. Cut out all the snacks especially between meals and at bedtime.

Manage your stress levels

Engage in activities and hobbies that will help you reduce your stress levels.Read books, go for walks or listen to music.

Communicate effectively

Try to improve communication skills at home and at work. This can greatly reduce stress levels. Always keep calm and deal with problems as and when they occur.

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