Emotional Story – Green Diamond – 1 of the Best Nepali Story

Emotional Story - Green Diamond - 1 of the Best Nepali Story

Emotional Story – Green Diamond – A Nepali Story. Hope you enjoy reading this emotional story “Green Diamond”.

Emotional Story – Green Diamond – A Nepali Story

In Western Countries, specially in Europe tea is treated as “green diamond”. It’s cost is so high, ordinary people can hardly purchase it.

Amrita did work in the tea garden where “green diamond” is  manufactured for more than 30 years. She retired from garden work 3 years ago. She lives alone in a two room hut. She spent her young age in plucking tea leaves in rainy season and pruning and watering tea bushes during winter. Presently she is above 70 years. Her pension per month is less than Rs.1000 which is not enough to meet 3 meals per day. So after retirement too she works in the garden during rainy season as daily wages labourer, she even goes to work under private contractor who build private houses roads etc.

She came to the garden 45 years ago, when she was just 25 years old. This is an event which took place 22 years ago. Her husband was a drunkard. He was rude to her. Whenever he got drunk, he used to beat Amrita for small petty reasons. It was almost a daily routine. They have no issue. Amrita was once conceived but due to her husband’s beating she had a miscarriage and could not save her child.

Thereafter, she gave up hope to become a mother. When her husband was sober, he was a jolly person and used to crack joke often. He was helpful too. He was the chowkidar of the garden. In emergency, he used to drive tactor of the garden. He never used to stay outside home even when he was fully drunk. One night Amrita’s husband did not return, the next morning, she asked her neighbours about him and they too was surprised to hearing it.

In the afternoon there was a rumor that a dead body was found in the river just below their village. Everyone talked about themselves that it must be Amrita’s husband. When everyone reached the spot, they saw the dead body. It had several several cut marks on the body. Hearing the news, Amrita’s eyes filled with tears and suddenly fell on the ground. 

Though he used to beat her, she still used to love him dearly. The dead body was sent to the sub-division hospital for post-mortem. The doctor came to the conclusion that it was a murder. As per the suggestions of her relatives and neighbours, she filed an FIR at the local police station. Within a week, police arrested the culprits. The reason behind the murder was never known. 

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Amrita became alone after her husband’s death. It was raining heavily, Amrita was sitting on her bed looking outside the window thinking of her childhood. She could not recall whether her father was dead or not but she knew her mother had remarried when she was still a child. She was left in the house of her parental uncle. She had no schooling and she started helping her aunt since childhood. She grew up with the family of her uncle.

Her uncle had a big family, she being eldest had to do all type of household activites. Both uncle and aunt used to work in the garden. Due to the meager income they used used to get from the garden, it was not enough to look after the family. So they rared cows, goats etc. for extra income. Not only that, they used to prepare ruksi (local liquor). She used to take the ruksi in the nearby market for sale. She was once arrested by excise duty of police and was imprisoned. She remained there for a week. Later, she was left unconditionally as she was a minor girl.

Finding it risky to take ruksi in the market, they started taking it to another garden was 3 hours far from their place. She had to go alone crossing two rivers which were quite dangerous during rainy seasons. She used to go 2-3 times weekly. Mostly the road were vacant and she used to talk with herself on the road. Sometimes, when her cousin brother had a holiday, she took him as a friend. When she was with other people, she felt happy and didn’t feel tired though it was quite a long journey.

One day she had just entered the house which was a distant family members where she used to supply drinks, the aunty there called, “Kanchi, you are old enough, you should better get married”. She remained quite. “Do you hear me?” her aunt asked again, “I’ve chosen a man for you. Would you like to know him?”

She just nod her head in reply. “It is Kharke Maila. You know, she has permanent job in the garden. He used to drink but his heart is big”.

As soon as she heard the name, she brust into tears and kept motionless as she knew that Kharke Maila was a drunkard. She kept mum but was not ready to accept him.

When she visited her aunt’s house next time, Kharke Maila was sitting in the stool near the kitchen. All of a sudden, the Kharke Maile started putting forward questions after questions.

“Do you think I’m mad? I’m also a human being and know well to run household affairs. I too have a heart like any other guy that can love you. If you marry me, I will give up my drinking habits. I’ve my own house and kitchen garden to grow vegetables. If you wish, we can keep goats in our garden too. I think we should not have any problems.”

That day, when she returned home she told her aunt about Kharke Maila. That night, her aunt and uncle had a long discussion about Amrita’s future. In the garden, the condition of the worker were very poor. They did not even have an area of their name. The garden area was taken on lease by the tea company from the government.

Further garden workers, had to fight frequently for increase in their wages. During the payment of bonus, they had to put a strike several times for the fixation of payment. There was no health facility nor education facility for their children.

Next morning, uncle asked whether she liked Kharke Maila or not. She could not say anything. In the evening, when aunt and uncle came from garden work, they again had a long chat about Amrita. “Saila” aunt said, “Though we will have problems in the absence of Amrita, we cannot avoid her marriage.”

“You are right, saili”, said uncle, “She is contributing in our meager income and we really need her help at this hour as we have small children. The income that we receive from the garden is not enough.”

“Don’t worry about that, saila. I shall make arrangement to sell ruksi locally. To enhance our income, we should keep more domestic animals. Tomorrow you go to that village and get information of the man who is asking the hand of Amrita.”
After a month, Amrita got married and went to her husband’s house. For a week, they had no trouble and Amrita joined the garden work as daily labourer. She performed her work well and the garden management  was satisfied with her work and became a regular labourer within a week. She made a good company of friends as she was helpful and could easily win over friends.

One day, she went to her friends house after garden work and came late. She found her husband mad with anger. No sooner had she closed the door, he started beating her. She was helpless and remained quite though it hurt her tremendously. The next day, her friends asked whether she fought with her husband as she had a blue swelling below her left eyes. Out of shame, she told her friends that she fell down while working in the kitchen. That day, when she reached home her husband started quarreling and said, “You bitch, you have no manner at all. Your uncle and aunt did not teach you any manner? You stupid woman, you are good for nothing.”

Hearing this Amrita said, “What happened to you? If you have any problem tell me frankly instead of bringing uncle and aunt in between.”

“Keep your mouth shut.” saying that her husband started beating her mercilessly.

This scenerio remained till the death of him.  

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