Cyclone Amphan to Hit West Bengal Today – 50 lakh people evacuated


Cyclone Amphan to Hit West Bengal Today – More than 50 lakh people evacuated. Cyclone Amphan which is equivalent of a category 5 hurricane, is gathering strength and is expected to hit the coast of Bengal today. More than 50 lakh people are being evacuated to safer places.

Cyclone “Amphan” developed into a super cyclone over the Bay of Bengal on Monday and has the potential to cause extensive damage in the coastal districts of West Bengal when it makes landfall, the government had said.

This is the second super cyclone over the Bay of Bengal in two decades.

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Cyclone Amphan, an extremely severe cyclonic storm is expected to hit West Bengal today afternoon, moving at a speed of 220 to 230 kilometers per hour.

It is predicted that the cyclone is the worst storm which will hit the Bay of Bengal after the 1999 super cyclone. The 1999 super cyclone, with a wind speed of 300mph which hit Odisha killed about 10,000 people.

The wind speed can cause immense damage to crops, plantations, trees, mud houses and communication and electric poles. The storm also threatens lives of people and animals.

About 25 teams from the National Disaster Response Force have been deployed on the ground and 12 others are ready in reserve, tweeted PM Modi yesterday after his meeting on the cyclone.

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