Coronavirus – COVID Symptoms according to a new study


Here are 6 Coronavirus- COVID Symptoms according to a new study :

Coronavirus - COVID Symptoms according to a new study

Coronavirus – COVID Symptoms according to a new study

  1. COVID-19 remains to be as danger as it was before.Even though Covid vaccination has begun across the world world but still the cases are increasing day by day.Experts are also reporting that the virus has undergone a lot of changes. Respiratory virus like a flu, SARS-CIV-2 can have much deadlier implications.
  2. Loss of Smell- A new analysis of cases between November to January has now revealed that the onset of the symptoms with COVID- 19 could differ from patients to patients. However, there are some cases which has common symptoms. According to new study loss of smell one of the symptoms for COVID- 19.
  3. Fever- Fever is one of the most typical sign of the viral infection. In over 70% reported cases, persistent fever is the symptoms of severe COVID complications. In cases of viral infections, a coronavirus related fever May even cause delirium, hallucinations, chills and pains.
  4. Muscle pain and aches- Many people have reported about muscle breakdown,acute inflammations and back pain as the symptoms. Result of rapid inflammation in the body is caused by viral replication. Mtalgia or muscle pain can also happen during the peak of the infection when the nerves, tendons, joints and ligaments undergo stress. In some cases, it could also lead to swelling, shooting g pai s and discomfort.
  5. Cough- A COVID cough can give your prognosis away. It is also the mist common way for a person to transmit the infection into other healthy and uninfected people. Many patients can even experience heavy chest congestion with a cough, sore throat and along with dry cough. The patient can feel pain in the oral cavities and can have difficulties in eating. Sometimes it could take a ling time to recover. They can also face problems like hoarseness of voice, shortness of breath and chest pain.
  6. Diarrhoea- Diarrhoea and stomach cramps could be a particular sign of virus. For patients with COVID, diarrhoea May also be accompanied by nausea, loss of appetite, pain, fatigue and dehydration.

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