Cooking Tricks and Tips – Quick Cooking Tips

Cooking Tricks and Tips - Quick Cooking Tips

Cooking Tricks and Tips – Quick Cooking Tips. Cooking does not have to take ages, with some quick cooking tips you can have a tasty well balanced meal on the table in a jiffy.

Cooking Tricks and Tips – Quick Cooking Tips


When cooking fish use fillets or cutlets. They do not need to be scaled. Fish can be prepared baked, grilled or pan fried that are quick and easy and only take about 15-20 minutes to prepare. Try cooking fish in a parcel. It is one the healthiest cooking methods. Seasoned fish is wrapped in foil and cooked in the oven or on the barbecue. You can also make individual parcels with different seasoning.

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When cooking meat, choose the tender cuts. They are more expensive but they can save time as they cook quickly. Cook them on the grill or a frying pan. Beef offers a range of choices from rump to mince. Veal offers escalopes or chops. Use which ever suits your recipe. Lamb offers, leg slices, fillet, backstrap or chops. Leg slices are perfect for curries. Chops are excellent for grilling and barbecuing. Fillets are great for stirfry. When it comes to pork, choose chops or fillet.


Skins of tomatoes can be removed quickly by first standing them in boiling water for a few minutes. Garlic can be peeled easily by placing them in the microwave for 15 seconds. Sprinkle sugar on onions to make them brown faster, without burning. To remove the skins of capsicums, cook them under a hot grill until they are brown. Place them into a plastic bag and allow to cool. The skins will pull away easily. Heat lemons and oranges in a microwave for a few seconds. You will be able to extract more juice.

Storing Meat and Poultry

Meat and Poultry must be put away appropriately or else it can turn out to be perilous for human utilization. Appropriate storing methods decreases the opportunity of the meat and poultry from being polluted with microscopic organisms, decaying or creating cooler consume in this manner broadening time span of usability of the items.

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