How to lose 30kgs in 4 months

Quick Fitness Tips: Do 20 squats every time you go to the loo Get up and dance every time you hear your favourite song

Keeping Your Heart Healthy

A healthy heart means a life lived fully with no physical inhibitions.

How To Increase Your Height

The best way to increase your height is by practicing stretching exercises. They improve and strengthen the muscles that maintain your backbone. Participating in sports and exercising regularly helps in stimulating growth hormones.

Electronic Cigarettes Compared to Traditional Smoking

When it comes to smoking, your skin isn’t a fan of nicotine. Unfortunately, nicotine is found in electronic cigarettes, and since they are not regulated yet, you can be exposed to varying amounts of nicotine when vaping. One study showed that n...

What Causes Pimples & How To Get Rid Of It

When we finally think its gone, out pops another and we are depressed for the rest of the time its there on our face. We look at some of our friends with their beautiful and spotless skin and think to ourselves that the creator must have been biased...

Tips To Get Rid Of Oily Skin

Having an oily skin is the most troublesome skin type as it has countless problems. This skin type gives a shiny and greasy look and appears dull. Also the pores become enlarged and visible. Blackheads, whiteheads, acne and dark spots are common in o...

How To Look Younger Than Your Age

In order to make your skin look young, you have to see and control in what you are eating. If you want to look younger you should be aware of what you are consuming in order to put a stop on things which are bad for you and your skin.

How To Take Care Of Your Nails

Your nails are delicate. Don't use it to pick on your teeth, scratch coupons or to open screws of your phone. This will weaken the nails. Using metal nail tools under the nail leads to irregular white arching nail tip. Also remember not to scrub...

How To Take Care Of Your Hair

Conditioning your hair makes your hair look silky, shiny and smooth. It also makes your stong. 

How To Take Care Of Your Body

If you have never meditated, simply sit with your back straight and count for about 1-5 minutes. Then as you progress, increase your time to 15 minutes or half an hour.